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Traditional South African Meals to enjoy in the comfort of your cottage – as a romantic dinner by candlelight, or at the BBQ (braai) outside.
Please order at least a few days before your arrival, as we do not actually a restaurant on the premises and some of these dishes take time to cook!

** If you want something which is not on the menu, please just ask me about it. Smaaklike ete!

To start with – Breakfast:

We supply you with traditional Boerewors (sausage), Sashaba (tangy tomato sauce), eggs, bread (OR PAP)& butter, milk, tea & coffee.
You cook it at your leisure either on the stove or on the “braai” (BBQ) outside.
$10.00 p.p. – min 2 serves.

Stewed Dried Fruit:

What a breakfast dish! You have never had a breakfast like this and it is healthy! Healthy dried fruits simmered in apple juice wth cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and vanilla pod. Then some orange and lemon added (and a dash of brandy!) to finish off. Served with Bircher Muesli.
$10.00 per serve – min 2 serves.

From the Soup Pot:

Hearty Pea & Ham Soup or “Boontjiesop” (traditional bean & beef soup). Served with Rosemary & Bacon Damper (Potbrood)
$10 per serve – min 2 serves.

Vegetarian Options:

Hearty Vegetable Soup with Pasta
Tomato, Potato & Basl Soup - the perfect combination of tomato & basil
Served with Rosemary Damper
$10.00 per serve – min 2 serves.

Something to Nibble on:

  1. Boerewors w Blatjang Chutney (*) – traditional tasty South African sausage nibbles with Blatjang (dried fruit) chutney
    $10.00 per serve – min 2 serves.
  2. Biltong – delicious dried beef , lovely to nibble on with your drinks
    $10.00 per serve – min 2 serves.
  3. Samoosas - Meat or Vegetarian. Delectable little morsels of crisp pastry triangles filled with a tasty curry mixture. Served with Sundried Tomato & Chilli Jambo ( *our own chilli jam)
    $10.00 per serve of six – min 2 serves.
  4. Roasted Garlic Pate – Smooth & creamy! This is absolutely delicious! Slight lemon taste. Served with traditional South African biscuits
    $10.00 per serve.
  5. Peri Peri Chicken Livers - Great little bites with your sunset drinks! But they've got a bite!
    $10 per serve.

Main Meals:

  1. Bobotie – The most traditional of them all. Tangy lean mince with the flavours of curry and apricot, baked in an egg custard until golden. Served with Yellow Rice and Blatjang Chutney. $19.95 per serve.
  2. Vegetable Bobotie - The same as traditional Bobotie, but with fresh root vegetables, capsicum and zuchini. Sweet curry and apricot, baked in an egg custard. Served with Yellow Rice and Chutney. $17.50 per serve.
  3. Bobotie Cottage Pie - the same flavours of curry and apricot but with a fluffy potato topping. Min 2 serves - $19.95 per serve.
  4. Biltong Pasta - delicious wholesome pasta with fresh tomato, garlic and of course traditional South African biltong. Quite a hearty dish - and very decadent! $19.95 per serve.
  5. Denningvleis – Tender Lamb Shanks, marinated in our Malay Coconut Sauce (*), then slowly braised in the oven until the juicy meat falls off the bone. Served with polenta or “pap” (traditional maize porridge) $19.95 per serve - min 2 serves.
  6. Vegetable Curry – delicious fresh vegetables, cooked with our Kalahari Curry (our own creation of spices - with curry leaves from our tree!), served on a bed of rice. $17.50 per serve - min 2 serves.
  7. Kerrievis (Pickled Fish) - "kerrievis" is a delicious aromatic dish where we cook firm white fish in our Cape Malay Spice Mix. A very subtle flavour and a light meal. Served with rice. $17.50 per serve - min 2 serves.
  8. Vetkoek with Savoury Mince – “vetkoek” translates as fat cakes. Cooked in hot oil, then opened up, slathered with butter and filled with our delicious Savoury Mince. Finger licking stuff! Served with Blatjang Chutney. $17.50 per serve of two vetkoeke (and they are BIG!) - min 2 serves.
  9. Roasted Bo Kaap Malay Chicken Curry – a fragrant dish of tender chicken, falling off the bone, and aromatic spices like cinnamon, cumin, coriander, ginger and our own roasted Bo Kaap Masala. Absolutely delicious. Served with rice and Smoked Mango Atjar. $19.95 per serve - min 2 serves.
  10. “Potjiekos” – very tasty traditional casserole dish. “Potjiekos” is cooked in a cast iron pot, preferably in an open fire. We cook an oxtail one, and it is absolutely delicious! The meat and vegetables are layered with the sauce and spices – and never stirred! The result is wonderful! $19.95 per serve - min 4 serves.

For Your Braai (BBQ):

  1. Boerewors – traditional tasty sausage, coiled and cooked on the BBQ in it’s own juices. You’ve never tasted a sausage like this! $19.95 per kg of wors in the coil.
  2. Peri Peri Prawns – Peri Peri is a hot chilli marinade with a unique flavour. I prepare the prawns for you, and you cook it at your leasure on the “braai”! A great way to entertain friends! $22.50 per serve (6-8 prawns per serve) - min 2 serves.
  3. Sousboontjies – an interesting dish of dried kidney beans cooked in sherry, vinegar, mustard and butter. Very tasty! Min 2 serves - $5.00 per serve.
  4. Stowepatats – caramalised sweet potato cooked in orange juice, with cinnamon and mandarin peel. Decadent! $5 per serve – min 2 serves.
  5. Sashaba – this goes with your Paptert! A very tasty tomato, onion, garlic curry sauce to dip your 'pap & wors' in! Not hot at all! $5.00 per serve - min 2 serves.
  6. For your STEAKS and CHOPS, try our delicious Marinades - SOSATIE (sweet curry and aprcot), PERI PERI (hot & spicy), SESAME, LIME & GINGER (my favourite one!) or BRAAISOUS (Smoky BBQ Sauce). $6.95 per bottle.

Sweet Endings:

  1. Melktert the flavours of cinnamon & sugar, baked in a moist milk cake. Delicate and very light! $7.50 per serve - min 4 serves.
  2. Koeksisters – Crispy doughnut twists, baked in hot oil and then dunked in an icy cold syrup with ginger and cinnamon. Very sweet and very delicious! $5.00 for two - min 2 serves.
  3. Malvapoeding – absolutely no calories in this one! A moist soft cake smothered in a creamy vanilla butter sauce. Served with custard. $7.50 per serve - min 4 serves.

* All our products are available from Colin James Fine Foods in Maleny, IGA Maleny & Montville, Buderim Ginger, as well as at select deli’s around Queensland.

All our recipes (and more!) can be found in our fabulous NEW
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