The above is an aerial view of the Northern aspect of the property that was taken in 1996. The road in the foreground is the Maleny-Kenilworth Road.

This view shows the major part of the farm comprising about11.5 hectares. The balance of the property is to the South of the house.
The part of the property visible is divided into 2 large paddocks, both with access to the dam for watering stock and a further 3 paddocks closer to the bales. Virtually all the fencing on the property has been renewed and consists in the main of new hardwood posts strung with 5 strands of high tensile barbed wire! All gates are either galvanised metal or 5 bar wooden gates.
Around the bales area there are 4 small paddocks that are ideal for grazing younger stock, these are fenced with a combination of barbed wire and link mesh. The Southern aspect of the property is split into 3 paddocks.

All the smaller paddocks are watered by way of strategically located troughs that are fed by underground piping from the holding tank in the back garden. This is replenished from a a recently sunk bore located close to the garage. This is equipped with a two float valve to enable automatic top up from the bore. There is also a spring fed well located in the extreme South East of the property that was constantly utilised before the bore was installed.