The roof was totally replaced in 1990 and all new verandah decking laid in 1991. The exterior of the house has recently been totally repainted and "gutter guard" installed.

The drive side of the house is accessed by way of an additional set of steps via a pathway from the drive; this gives direct access to the office. Discreet shrub beds surround the house without interfering with views & access.


The rear of the house has a porch access that provides the ideal place to store those muddy gumboots & work clothes!
There is a 5000 gallon tank on the side of the house & 1100 gallons on the bales area.
The pagola to the right has a grape vine growing on it which provides shade in the summer & being deciduous kindly drops all its leaves to allow the winter sun to grace an informal outside eating area! The grapes incidentally make a delicious Grape Jelly that we sell at our "Produce Stall".

The garden is really well established & has many mature gum & native trees. There are also several hoop pines, liquid ambers, silky oaks, blackbean, red fig & jacarandas. Avocadoes, citrus (mandarin, orange, lemons, limes, grapefruit & tangello), edible fig, bay & curry leaf trees add an extra culinary element. About 1 acre of lawn surrounds the house, so that with the adjacent orchards & garden, there is always an abundance of birds on the property.
The back garden has plenty of lawn, including a sunken area that is also the home of the herb patch & therefore handy for the kitchen. Included in this area is a shade house that is ideal for all those potting & propagation tasks.
There is ample space for vehicles with a double roller door garage and a large adjacent carport! To the rear of the garage is a partitioned off workshop with its own access from under the carport. This building is serviced by electric power with lights in the front and rear sections together with a double power point serving each section. An additional spotlight is positioned on the outside of the garage which can be used to light the driveway to the bales area.
The carport also doubles as shedding for young livestock in hot or wet conditions. It has a gate that will allow access to the paddocks or swing across to allow livestock access to the covered area.

Opposite the yards, an old chook pen has been converted into a shade house. This feature provides an excellent & cool spot in which to have that evening glass of wine on a warm day.

The Yards & Loading ramp allow for the easy receipt and despatch of livestock. The Yards have recently been totally rebuilt using treated hardwood of 200 x 50 mm dimensions; this is capped with stockyard wire to give an overall containment height in excess of 2 metres. There are three gated sections to the yard area giving many options when drafting or working stock. To assist with all your stock treatment there is a full size crush complete with head bale and veterinary access gates! The total yard area makes it possible to easily work stock! The old bales have been converted into a workshop & timber storage area that is serviced by 3 phase power.

The property has several mature avocado trees ensuring that avocado fruit is available for picking over an extended season.
The macadamia orchard comprises 85 trees across 4 commercial varieties - all grafted trees. These trees were planted in 1990 & have just reached full maturity. Yield from the orchard is currently of the order of 2 tonnes, with most of this fruit being sold to commercial processors. Since the nuts are grown using organic practices, sufficient nuts are retained for sale at our Organic Produce Stall!
The property has a "serious" vegetable patch. The current owners grow all their own vegetables & sell the surplus on the property Produce Stall. All vegies have been grown using organic cultivation techniques for the past 20 years! The deep red volcanic soil is just made for high yields of every possible vegetable. There are also several Lady Finger Banana palms.
The property pasture is kikuyu and is divided into 12 paddocks of varying size. The smaller paddocks are located closer to the yards thus making them ideal for the raising of young stock; the stock is then gradually moved into the larger paddocks as they mature. Most of the fences on the property have been recently renewed and galvanised steel or 5 bar wooden gates fitted!
Plenty of shade trees are available in all paddocks, with watering from either piped troughs or direct access to the dam. There are 4 majestic old Morton Bay Figs that diagonally span the property from North West to South East. The shade shown in the photograph is cast by the first of them.