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Facts and Figures of Casino Gambling in Australia and New Zealand

  1. And what about gambling and casinos in these countries?
  2. Legislation and regulators
  3. Land based casinos in New Zealand
  4. Slot machines in New Zealand
  5. Online casino in New Zealand
  6. Conclusion

Australia and New Zealand are countries that have a good demand among travelers and receive excellent reviews from guests who have already been there. Most tourists note the unusual culture of the countries and, of course, the standard of living, which is very high. Both countries are exotic, they gather to give unforgettable impressions.

And what about gambling and casinos in these countries?

Let’s try to understand the history and understand the current state of affairs in this area in Australia and New Zealand.

The history of gambling in Australia begins with the arrival of the first settlers. As you know, the British discovered criminals on another continent who have always been known for their love of gambling. And in their free time, they came up with new games. It was from that moment that gambling began to be considered the main entertainment of the inhabitants of the country.

Because England set trends (recall that Australia was a colony of Great Britain until about the 20th century), and from the beginning of the 17th century, all the British became ardent fans of horse racing, after 2 centuries, by the beginning of 19 horse races, they reached Australia. This is how stakes appeared on the continent.

To date, it is the Australians who are considered the most gamblers. Land-based casinos in Australia, unlike some European countries, are very, very actively visited by tourists. They play roulette, blackjack, baccarat – well, in general, everything they play at all) Both land-based casinos and online platforms are completely legalized.

The first online casino was opened in the 90s of the last century, and with a technical portion of reliability entered the life of Australians. According to statistics, almost every Australian spends $1,300 at an online casino. This is one of the highest rates among other countries. It should be noted that. Of course, only registered providers are advertised on the official Internet, but in general, such a policy greatly supports interest in games in general.

What are they, Australians? Well, first and foremost, in fact, we are already talking about this murder, but we are adopting it again, belonging to Australia – very reckless. This passion runs in their blood and has been passed down from generation to generation. So they are really easy to work with. At the same time, they treat gambling as entertainment, and not as a way to earn money. And this also takes its sources from history, and it is also worth considering this fact when developing creative. Australians are individualists. They highly value each other’s personal space and interests. They will never get foreigners, appearance, outlook on life, they will not teach others their rules. And also they are liberated and do not exclude any restrictions on the part of society, not under other people’s condemning views. Residents of the country freely criticize the authorities, the government and their actions. If they don’t like something, they always talk about it. Moreover, they categorically refer to class inequality, and therefore do not accept those who claim the last place in business. In Australia, the practice of living in large families is not common. Young people, either immediately after or right during their higher education, begin an independent life. This is possible thanks to government support aimed at creating new jobs. Young specialists are always expected to work, while the level of wages starts from a very high level. Young citizens become financially independent and independent quite early. The citizens of the country, as we have already said, speak Russian. Lots of slang and abbreviations. So, for example, a barbecue turns into a barbie. Of course they will catch you without cuts. But when working out the creative, take into account this difference in English English and English. Australians love to relax. They do not live to work and do not work to live. Leisure and entertainment take precedence over work. All weekend holidays and weekends, Australians walk in a big way. All these factors make Australia a wonderful market and its citizens an ideal audience. Just as Caucasians will never become alcoholics, Australians will almost never become sick gamblers.

Gambling in New Zealand – casinos, slot machine halls – are regulated at the national level.

Gambling is a relatively new concept in the Pacific Islands, with the exception of traditional games that have been played by Indigenous populations for centuries. Presently, there is a great abundance of casinos and slot machines in the nation, with the figures amounting to thousands.

Legislation and regulators

Multiple regulatory bodies oversee and regulate the different casinos and gambling establishments within the country’s gambling industry. There are the Ministry of Health, the Department of Internal Affairs, the Commission on Gambling.

Land based casinos in New Zealand

Investigations conducted by the country’s gambling regulator revealed that there are a total of 6 land-based casinos present in the country. Sky City Auckland Casino, located in Auckland, is the biggest one of its kind. It houses gaming tables, gaming slots; 240 self-operating slot machines for your enjoyment.

Slot machines in New Zealand

In both New Zealand and Australia, video poker machines (known as ‘pokies’) are legally placed in public areas. These machines are based on luck and provide the entertainment of gambling for its users.They are set in pubs, near shops, and other public places, as well as in officially authorized casinos.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs website offers quarterly data on slot machine hall revenue for your perusal. This information is invaluable and can help you make sound decisions.

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Online casino in New Zealand

Under the Gambling Act 2003, this country prohibits “remote interactive gambling” establishments, which are defined as “gambling of a person through interaction through a communication device.” Since this definition clearly includes online casinos of national online establishments that offer gambling in New Zealand, no. Although the laws in this country may not allow citizens to use online casinos located in other jurisdictions, they can take advantage of the various opportunities these international casinos offer.


The Australian and New Zealand markets are both profitable and high risk. There is a low entry threshold, while high competition and high cost of attracting a player. Nevertheless, according to experts, the Asia-Pacific region is the second largest online gambling market. And it continues to grow every year.

Gambling is a popular pastime in Australia and New Zealand, with casinos being a major contributor to the tourism industry. The facts and figures of casino gambling in these countries reveal some interesting trends and insights.

In Australia, the total number of casinos has grown from 5 in 1995 to over 100 today. This has resulted in an increase of revenue from AUD $1.2 billion to over AUD $7 billion annually. In New Zealand, the number of casinos has grown from just 2 to 8 since 2008. This has led to a significant uptick in revenue for the country, with total gambling revenue reaching NZD $1 billion in 2017/18 alone.

These figures demonstrate that casino gambling is an increasingly popular activity for both countries, with more people choosing it as their preferred form of entertainment each year.

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